Jaltest Telematics fleet management solution, developed by the Spanish multinational Cojali S. L. and known for offering innovative services such as remote diagnostics or predictive maintenance, now launches onto the market a certified cold chain management solution, with its own certified thermograph.


T-Cold (Telematics-Thermograph Solutions), trade name of the thermograph designed by Cojali S. L., is in charge of measuring and registering the temperature of refrigerated vehicles that must prove the legal compliance of the cold chain. It is suitable for light vehicles, such as rigid truck or trailer, apart from being also suited for its installation in cold storages and permanent infrastructures..

In this way, Jaltest Telematics will enable the companies dedicated to the transport of refrigerated goods to meet the specific requirements for temperature monitoring, handling and preservation during the route, ensuring that the Guide of Good Practices demanded by both the pharmaceutical and food industries is accomplished.


It is about the concept of digital thermograph, which implies a commitment to the incorporation of new technologies to the transport sector. It enables digital generation and monitoring of reports through the T-COLD mobile application, specifically implemented to connect to the thermograph, or from Jaltest Telematics website (www.jaltest-telematics.com) through the ODF portal, speeding procedures and document management.

Additionally, the T-Cold thermograph is complemented with an innovative design of certified probes, also developed by Cojali S. L., which enable optimising and speeding up the required calibration and biannual certification processes to maintain the cold chain certification. Thanks to this new concept of solution, the customer can considerably optimise the operations of probe calibration, reducing the costs of this operation to the maximum, becoming more autonomous and minimising the stopping time of the vehicles..

This solution, already available at the ODF portal of Jaltest Telematics website, is also remarkable for its possibilities of expansion and integration with the own systems of each company and equipment manufacturers of cold vehicles, bringing all together into one single cold chain management tool..

Regarding technical features, the new T-Cold certified thermograph belongs to class 0.5 with a resolution of 0.0625ºC and with certifications UNE-EN 12830:2019, UNE-EN 13486:2002, E-Mark, CE, Order ICT 155/2020 and Welmec..

Ultimately, the new T-Cold certified thermograph offers important advantages, such as real-time monitoring through the ODF management platform or the mobile app and report generation, integrated with the rest of elements required for the correct management of the cold chain, as well as the set point of the cold unit, its service state, door opening and closing, travel detail and associated route, etc. All of this thanks to a digital thermograph that enables optimising biannual calibration operations and higher digitalisation in cold chain management with report shipping in electronic format, remote file download or the possibility of printing the data collected by the thermograph through a portable Bluetooth printer.



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