Remote DPF regeneration: how to save time and costs with Jaltest Telematics

Nowadays, the European regulation about emission control sets the acceptable limits on internal combustion gases with the aim of limiting the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulates, making the implementation of anti-pollution systems necessary to ensure the emission control.

However, it is essential that those systems work correctly, monitor the ash and soot levels produced, and complete the regeneration cycles properly because the consequences of not doing that have a direct impact on fuel consumption (up to 7%) and can even lead the vehicle to a torque reduction or power reduction scenario, which would entail a considerable impact for a loaded and on-road vehicle.

From Jaltest Telematics, the approach to this problem comes from the own design concept of our solution at the hardware level, with electronics which is entirely developed and manufactured in Cojali. All this enables us to integrate into an on-board device the capabilities that we can find in a workshop tool for the management of the anti-pollution system, in a reliable and secure manner.

Having an on-board device that allows us to monitor the anti-pollution system performance, ensures the prevention of the excessive fuel consumption, owing to the system malfunction. It is also the perfect solution to carry out a remote particulate filter regeneration in the event of a power reduction which, otherwise, would force us to manage road assistance, hire an external workshop to carry out the regeneration and bear the opportunity costs that would arise from not completing this service correctly and on time.

This solution for the remote particulate filter regeneration is one of the added values of advanced remote diagnostics, developed by Jaltest Telematics and unique in the marketplace, which from a multi-brand and multi-system point of view, offers the fleet management the potential of diagnostics and the accumulated experience from over 20 years of Jaltest development, a multi-brand workshop diagnostic tool, leader in the market.


Apart from monitoring the performance of the anti-pollution system and initiating these regenerations, the advanced remote diagnostics can detect the vehicle state at the level of electronic control units, set alarms regarding the readings of the different on-board sensors, identify and interpret error codes, as well as to delete errors or reset. These capacities allow the vehicle’s downtime to be reduced annually by 42%.


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